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Facebook spam ‘pages’ – how to get rid of them

Imagine this situation. You turn on your computer, open your web browser, login to Facebook, and BOOOM. Some of your friends have become fans of a group/fan page with ten-kilometer-long name. (“I’m Awesome”,”Let’s count to 20000″, etc.) Well, it wouldn’t be such a problem if you don’t have to scroll down for hours to get to part of the home page with more interesting content. I don’t know how this spam pages really works, but there is one thing you can do.

  • Click the ‘Hide’ button next to the post
  • Choose ‘Report Link’
  • Choose ‘Spam’ from drop down list and click ‘OK’

This won’t hide this pages from your home page, but will notify Facebook administrators of this spam pages. If you have any ideas how this spam pages work, or how to remove them from your home pages, feel free to leave a comment here.